Jill Colvin Jones

Courses Taught

American Literature from the Puritans to the Present
African American Literature from the Beginnings to the Present
The Immigrant Figure in American Literature
Breaking Bad and the Great American Novel
Monsters in Literature and Film
Sin and Redemption in American Literature
Mean Girls In Literature and Film
Banned Books in America
Coming of Age in the World Novel
Coming of Age in American Literature
Bad Boys and Good Girls: Coming of Age in American Literature 
Growing Up Female
The American Civil War (Team-Taught with American History Professor)
The Hidden Civil Rights Movement (Team-Taught with American History Professor)
Troubling the Waters: The Plays of Tony Kushner (Team-Taught with Theater Professor)
The American Identity: The American Self from Within and Without (Team-Taught with Philosophy Professor)
Girls Who Break the Rules (Team-Taught with Critical Media Studies Professor)
Social Problems in Fact and Fiction (Team-Taught with Sociology Professor)
Zora Neale Hurston Senior Seminar
Absalom! Absalom! Junior Colloquy
 The American Gothic
American Gothic and Horror in Literature and Film
American Protest Literature
The Filthy Rich and the Dirt Poor in Am Lit and Pop Culture 
Hellfire: American Rebel Identity in Literature
The Fantastic and Uncanny in Literature 
Angels and Demons in Literature and Popular Culture
Dr. Jekyll Mini Course
Tears and Torment: The Sentimental Novel in 19th Century American Literature
Con Men (and Women), Grifters and Hucksters in American Literature
Adaptation:  Book to Film


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